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Portal exploiting cultural heritage knowledge Print

Planned work

  • implement a portal to cultural heritage knowledge to complement and enlarge the physical access to ARCHLAB with a virtual access to a meta-database system
  • integrate the technical heterogeneous metadata associated with a wide range of different information, data and databases, with the aim of developing an open gate to the infrastructures' archives to facilitate and better plan the access
  • develop the processing, fusion and registration of 2D and 3D analytical data provided by non-destructive imaging methods developed in the two others CHARISMA research projects to search for optimal information

Public Reports and Deliverables

Here you can find a list of CHARISMA WP8 deliverables.
The deliverables are organized by periods (M1-18; M19-36, M37-48), and for every period ordered by delivery month.
After the due date, you can download the completed first period public reports deliverables pdf by clicking on the deliverable title.

For information

Program Leader  Dr. Georgios Karagiannis
IDRYMA "ORMYLIA" Art Diagnosis Centre
63071 Ormylia Chalkidiki, GR

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