A new beginning in your life

Your wish to create a new beginning in your life, has brought you here. It takes courage and determination to be where you are today. We acknowledge you for that.

We offer coaching solutions specific to you. There are two areas of self-development that we currently have programmes in

  • Relationships
  • Presentation & Facilitation’s Skills

Relationship programmes

We form a partnership with You, to achieve Your goals.  Be they in

  • Divorce or separation recovery
  • Resolving issues through mediation
  • Repairing or enhancing relationships

Our partnership will empower you to bring about changes, long lasting changes in your life.

This is achieved through the R3 programme (Recover, Rebuild and Revitalise)  by sharing with you powerful tools that have been selected from various techniques such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,  traditional Life Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, Meditation, guided Visualisations and many more .

Our clients continue to have breakthroughs, and make progress long after the programme is completed, they found that the results were long lasting.