Sailing through Separation, Divorce, Reconciliation or Mediation

Any breakup in relationships create a major trauma in our lives. Some breakups are more difficult than others. No matter who initiates the break, it is not uncommon that disharmony in a relationship, separation or divorce causes deep wounds.

It is not uncommon to see that people go through a series of relationships each ending up in disaster before finally finding a lasting & loving relationship.

It doesn’t have to be so…

R3 (Recover, Rebuild and Revitalise)…..

…programme is designed to help you, my clients create a more fulfilling life, leading to better relationships. We will share with your practical tools which help you to continue reap the benefit long after the coaching is completed.

R3 in Separation and Divorce recovery
R3 in Separation and Divorce recovery

The future does not need to be overwhelming or confusing. Negative emotions like anger, a sense of betrayal, self-doubt and guilt can be overcome !! YOU can become full of joy & vitality again. Relationship break ups do not need to be the end of the road ……. But the beginning of a new one – full of joy, adventure, intrigue and more importantly, personal growth.

YOU have a choice ….. not to suffer !!!

R3 is designed to help you:

Understand what you are going through
Through the feeling of being depressed or isolated
Restore your self-esteem and self-confidence
Function effectively as a single person or parent
Take control of your present and future
Strategies for dealing with your ex-partner
Chart a plan for your future

R3 in Reconciliation

For those who want to remain in their relationship/marriage, inspite of difficulties and haven’t given up on their relationship. Those who want to come to a common ground and rebuild, re-ignite the old spark that once created the warmth in their relationship.

R3 is designed to help you:

Understand the ‘issue behind the issue’
Create an environment of mutual trust and respect
Design a common goal and a bright future
Create a SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic & Time specific) plan
Strategies for continual growth
Initially all the parties wanting a reconciliation, will have a one to one coaching with me. Then all will have a joint session/s to pave a way forward.

R3 in Mediation

For those who have unfortunately separated and need to agree on practical issues like, child care, contact arrangements, financial settlements but don’t seem to agree….

R3 is designed to help you:

Understand the ‘issue behind the issue’
Strategies for releasing the non-productive emotions that hinder progress
Understand the common goal
Create a morally / ethically binding agreements
The programme takes a KISS (Keep it Simple) approach and is for those who are comitted to finding a resolution. Initially, all the relevant parties wanting a mediation, will have a one to one coaching with me. Then all will have a joint session.

How is R3 programme delivered ?

For Separation and Divorce Recovery Coaching

The programme is delivered on one to one basis. Most popular methods are over skype or phone.

For Reconciliation and Mediation Coaching

The programme is delivered on one to one basis, initially and together. It will have a mix of face to face conversation and conversations over the internet or phone.

Divorce Coaching

 What are the benefits of Divorce Coaching?

Divorce Coaching can result in:

  •     Improved Confidence & Self-Esteem
  •     Reduced stress levels
  •     Better clarity and focus
  •     The ability to set and achieve goals
  •     Faster decision making
  •     Better communication skills

By working with us on our R3 programme you will feel supported in setting and achieving your goals.

‘Together, we will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be’

Q. Why should I use the  R3 Programme?

A.  The R3 programme was created by a need for a programme that helps the client rebuild their lives and create healing at deeper levels, enabling the client to move forward. The R3 programme was derived in order to help me heal the hurt from my recent divorce as well as heal past painful experiences.

Since then the programme has worked for men & women, across cultural, age & geographical boundaries.


 Q. What is the R3 Programme?

A.  It is a programme, a methodology that assists to bring about healing at the deepest emotional level.  It is not uncommon that a separation/divorce to leave a lot of unpleasantness or deep hurt in it’s aftermath.

It was my observation, that people are often unaware that, they carry wounds from a previous break in relationship/marriage, to the new relationship. I wanted to not only to heal but create lasting changes that will help people to have better & more fruitful relationships

No single therapy could help me make lasting changes. I dipped into my experiences gained during 16 years of self-development, 6 yrs of coaching and over 10 years of facilitating self-development workshops. I selected a number of tools from various modalities, which helped me make lasting changes and help me re-invent myself.

This unique combination has helped a number of clients make lasting changes in their lives.

The R3 programme equips you with a number of tools, carefully chosen from various techniques, that will help you to make continual breakthroughs, long after the programme is completed.

Q. When do I start the R3 Programme?

A.  The true answer is now. The reason why you are on this website, is that you have been looking for something that will help you go forward. The The R3 programme is flexible enough to cater for you where ever you are in the process of healing from the  divorce or separation.

Q. What are the benefits of  the R3 Programme ?

A. Empower you, to bring about healing from pangs of pain caused by separation or divorce. The R3 programme helps you :-


* Understand what you are going through
* Reduce Stress levels
* Bring better clarity and focus on the current situation


* Restore your self-esteem and self-confidence
* Reduce the tension with your ex-partner
* Function effectively as a single person or parent


* Take control of your present and future
* Chart a plan for your  future

Q. How do I know you are the right person to help me ?

Each coach has a unique style and approach. Finding the one that fits with your needs is key. That is why the free initial session is very important.

Q. What you can expect from me

To educate you about self-discovery, making you aware of areas that you need to strengthen and fine tune, so that you can prepare for the future.

To develop a purposeful plan that you can implement in order to move toward your goals and help you succeed. The R3 programme can help you create a life that has purpose and meaning for you.

To grow  Applying what you have learned to help you grow.  Growth  requires that we make changes, even radical ones, to become the person we want to be.

Choices + Action = Transformation.

Q.  What is expected from you

I will expect your full commitment to the R3 programme .  This will mean keeping all the commitments you agree to, during the coaching process. Complete openness & hoesty is vital to your success.  It is essential that you are committed to take action to achieve your Goals.