Sailing through Presentations, Public Speaking, & Workshop Facilitation

Public speaking is a common source of stress for everyone. Many of us would like to avoid this problem entirely, but this is hard to do. Whether we work alone or with large numbers of people, eventually we will need to speak in public to get certain tasks accomplished. And if we want to be leaders or achieve anything meaningful in our lives, we will often need to speak to groups, large and small, to be successful.
Giving presentations or speaking in public need not be stressful. our training programme will take you through simple steps to help you make all your speaking in public – dynamic, effective & stress free.

The coaching will help you develop following skills : –

  • Mastering nerves
  • Monitoring & eliminating filler words
  • Principles of attention grabbing speaking
  • Principles of effective listening
  • Voice modulation & projection
  • Effective use of presentation aids
  • Writing powerful speech/presentation content
  • Master the hidden Causes Of Public Speaking Stress
  • Learn 10 Key Principles to effective presentations.

The programme is delivered on one to one basis.It will have a mix of face to face conversation and conversations over the internet or phone.

You will benefit from the 13 years experience I have in public speaking, workshop facilitations, internationally. I have trained /mentored people in public speaking across the genders, culture, professional backgrounds and demography. I have also trained a winning group of secondary schools students for a competition.

I have achieved the Distinguished Toastmaster award, the highest accolade from the Toastmasters International’s public speaking & leadership curriculum.